Monday, July 26, 2010

Docs Pics Key Released

Ads Free for Docs Pics

It needs 'Docs Pics'.
It will remove the ads from 'Docs Pics'.


  1. I frequently forget to 'Save' my changes and lose updates I make to synced documents.

    Would it be possible to make Docs Pics have an option to automatically save if you switch away from the application, or to prompt to save?

    Thank you for a convenient way to keep notes both on the desktop and on my phone!

  2. 파일올리기가 안되네요
    방법이 있나요

  3. In my opinions Docs+Pics is the best Google Docs app available on the market. One reason is that it is the best at handling Google Doc "collections".

    Any chance you'll be coming out with a tablet update? For example, left hand side could be navigation through the collections and the right hand side would be for the content of the selected document?

  4. I have tried them all, but DocsPics is the best. I wish you and your family well.